Our application systems

Our application and service center is equipped with more than ten laser systems for micro material processing, partly placed in a clean room class ISO7. The spectrum of our laser sources includes all systems suitable for micro machining, e.g.:

  • Solid-state laser
  • Gas laser (excimer laser, CO2-laser)
  • Continuous-wave laser (cw), short-pulse laser and ultra-short-pulse laser
  • Wavelengths of 10 600 nm, 1070 nm, 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, 248 nm

For the laser processing, galvanometer scanners and fixed optics with different focal distances are available. The positioning is achieved by high precision axis systems, image processing and measurement systems. The laser process can be selected to run in an “on-the-fly” or roll-to-roll mode, depending on your application.

We offer several measurement systems for quality assurance, for instance confocal laser scanning microscopes, light microscopes, REM, TEM and tactile profilometry.

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