3D-Micromac Showroom systems


As a specialist in the field of laser micro machining we offer you a broad variety of processing technologies for the production of your required parts. We can offer you the processing of nearly all materials using short pulse lasers and ultrashort pulsed lasers as well as short wavelength lasers (UV). Our laser contract manufacturing is performed on the proven machine platforms of 3D-Micromac.


  • Laser cutting, dicing, and filamentation
  • Laser drilling – available as trepanning or percussion process
  • Laser micro structuring and ablation, e.g. with FSLA technology
  • Laser micro engraving, both on the substrate surface and as sub surface engraving in transparent materials
  • Laser-Lift-Off (LLO) using DPSS laser and scanner systems

Materials: ceramics, metals, polymers, glass materials, semiconductors, compound material


  • Excimer Laser-Lift-Off using line-beam systems
  • Laser drilling and ablation using scanner systems or mask projection
  • Laser engraving of optical materials

Materials: polymers, polymer compounds, glass materials

Besides the processing of rigid and flexible materials on rigid substrates, we also offer the processing of flexible materials using sheet-to-sheet or roll-to-roll processes:

  • Laser micro structuring and ablation
  • Laser processing “on-the-fly” or “step and repeat”
  • Roll width up to 300 mm possible

Our excellent trained staff consisting of laser technicians and process engineers know the requirements of our customers. Those come most frequently from the fields of medical technology, microelectronics, automotive, glass and display industry as well as from the semiconductor and material science background.

We gladly support you in process development and optimization. Together with our customers, we  develop the most economic production solution.